G7 Leaders in Japan to Protect with Combat Laser

The fact that terrorists may well use drones as a weapon to assassinate the leaders of states became obvious after two high-profile episodes. In the first case, a mini-drone suddenly appeared in Dresden, literally two meters from the protruding Angela Merkel, and a little later a similar incident occurred on the White House lawn, where an unknown drone landed unsuccessfully, thereby humiliating the vaunted security system of the US president.

The most serious conclusions were made, and therefore the safety of the participants of the next G7 summit in Japan from the air will be ensured by a laser installation.

The system was developed by German specialists. It consists of an external radar sensor that detects a target and aims a laser at it. After that, the beams of four 10-kW lasers are focused using a special mirror into one powerful beam, capable of destroying an air target at a distance of 500 meters.

In 2013, an unidentified drone flew close enough to Merkel

The fact that these measures will not be superfluous is evidenced by numerous facts. In France alone, more than 60 drone flights over strategically important objects were recorded last year.