Special nozzle will make the first shots of police officers safe

As you know, American police officers do not stand on ceremony when their lives are in danger. Legislation gives them the right to use weapons without warning. But unfortunately, there are frequent cases of unjustified use of weapons to kill. The "Alternative" attachment for semi-automatic pistols is designed to make the shots of "cops" less lethal.

The device was developed by Alternative Ballistics, based in Poway, Calif., In close contact with special police services. It is designed to decelerate the bullet on the first shot, which eliminates the possibility of a penetrating injury with a fatal outcome.

"Alternative" is made of plastic for the size of the barrel. In a normal setting, it is attached to the belt. Before the start of shooting, the nozzle can be easily put on the barrel with one hand, without interfering with the policeman's control of the situation. It also does not interfere with the sight attached to the pistol.

In the front part of the "Alternative", directly opposite the bore, a sphere made of a special alloy is fixed on two pins. When fired, the bullet strikes the sphere, turning it into a destructive element, but with less (by about 80%) kinetic energy. Such a ball is capable of knocking an intruder off his feet, but at the same time he will almost certainly remain alive.