Germany has developed a laser analogue of the Gatling machine gun

The German company Rheinmetal Defense Electronics has unveiled a new sea-based combat laser system for countering drones. Experts quite rightly call it the laser analogue of the Gatling machine gun. The essence of its fire effect is that four 20-kilowatt lasers simultaneously hit the target, focusing into a single beam by the superposition method.

The installation confidently shoots down drones and destroys ammunition at a distance of up to 500 meters. She is also able to disable the sensors of the enemy ship and even burn small holes in them. According to company representatives, it is possible to combine several installations to increase fire efficiency.

In this case, we are again talking about the destruction of one target, but already with several installations, which automatically leads to a total increase in the damaging impulse up to 100 kW or more.

At a recent exhibition in London, Rheinmetal demonstrated the Oerlikon Skyshield combat module with an integrated laser and its naval version.

After six years of testing, the developers have achieved high results - their brainchild is of great interest all over the world. It is planned to use the installation in the future as an air defense system on ships to destroy air targets and, first of all, UAVs.