UK drone suppression system developed

Three British companies took part in the development of a system to suppress drones in the air. The system is called AUDS. Its action is based on the suppression of the UAV control channel by powerful radio pulses from the ground.

The AUDS system works as follows. As a result of scanning, the radar detects a signal from a flying drone, after which a video camera equipped with thermal imaging sensors turns on. After that, the detected drone is exposed to a powerful radio signal, which determines its interaction with the control operator.

So, for example, the owner of the drone receives a signal that a malfunction has occurred on board. In fact, at this time, the AUDS operator chooses - to suppress the control signal for a short time or to increase the exposure time to the UAV until its battery is completely discharged and it fails.

The system has already passed government-funded tests and is preparing for serial production.