The latest Russian development - "smart" mine "Medallion"

As with any military novelty, most of the characteristics of the new generation antipersonnel mine "Medallion" have not yet been made public. However, even the information that has become the property of the media allows us to speak of the great success of its creators - specialists from the Scientific Research Engineering Institute.

Medallion also has a second name - POM-3. This anti-personnel mine has absorbed all the best from its predecessors, while getting rid of their shortcomings as much as possible. It has a very distant resemblance to an ordinary medallion, thanks to the striking elements in the form of metal petals. When flying apart, the petals begin to revolve around the center of mass, sweeping away all living things in their path.

Medallion is a new generation mine. Wires and cables are a thing of the past. POM-3 is equipped with a non-contact fuse driven by a seismic sensor. At the right moment, he silently shoots into the ground under the mine. Mining of the terrain is carried out with the help of special machines-setting mines.

And yet the main feature of the "Medallion" is its electronic "brain", a microchip, thanks to which false triggering will not occur and unauthorized neutralization will become impossible. Even if POM-3 somehow turns out to be in the wrong hands, it will not be possible to “bite through” the microchip. According to the representative of the Scientific Research Institute Zhukov, the "Medallion" can be set to self-destruction, as well as return it to a "peaceful" state.

Currently, the developers "train" mine to distinguish the military from the civilian, since they have similar developments.