Gunsmiths create a $ 1 million meteorite pistol

Specialists of the American weapons company Cabot Guns created a pistol from meteorite metal, calling it the "Big Bang pistol." The presentation of a unique novelty should take place next week at the Shot Show in Las Vegas. The general public will be able to see it in May.

The "raw material" for the manufacture of the pistol was the Gibeon meteorite found in Southern Sahara. Its age is at least 4.5 billion years. It is worth noting that the Cabot Guns company, despite its young age of five, has managed to establish itself as a manufacturer of elite weapons in the style of the early twentieth century.

The included Big Bang pistol will go on sale at auction. Its starting price is expected to be $ 250, 000, and the final cost, according to some estimates, could range from $ 500, 000 to $ 1 million.

The kit will include two identical .45 caliber pistols in the style of 1911 respectively for the right and left hand. The following comment can be read on the company's website:

“Cabot Guns gives you the opportunity to touch the galaxy. In your hands you hold the best pistol made of the rarest material. "

Cabot Guns used advanced aerospace technology to create the meteorite pistol. Even simple cutting of a piece of meteorite proved to be a very difficult process, like cutting precious stones. Therefore, the meteorite was first scanned by a 3D laser.

Despite the cosmic origin, the meteorite is 80% iron with the addition of nickel, cobalt, phosphorus and other elements.