Russian missiles "Onyx" can turn US aircraft carriers into mass graves

The command of the US Navy is actively developing a new generation of aircraft carriers to replace the old Nimitz-class predecessors. In total, according to the program, it is planned to build three aircraft carriers. One of them - "Gerald Ford" was launched three years ago, the second - "John F. Kennedy" is under construction, and in two years the third ship will be laid down. The total cost of the project is over $ 40 billion.

And yet, the times of the undivided "aircraft carrier" hegemony of the United States are forever a thing of the past. Today, the Russian army is ready to oppose it with several quite “deadly” counterarguments at once. The name of the first is the Kh-22, supersonic cruise missiles with a thermonuclear warhead, which are equipped with three Tu-22M3 bombers each. According to experts, just one is enough to leave only ripples on the surface of the sea from the aircraft carrier order.


No less effective is the Bastion complex with its Onyx anti-ship supersonic missiles. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they can fly in for their "prey" from anywhere - from land, from the sea or from under water. And yet - "Onyxes" prefer to hunt in a pack. At the same time, they rise to a great height only for a few seconds after the start, only in order to detect an object even without accurate target designation.

Finding the target "Onyx" turns into a ruthless hunter. Its flight height does not exceed 10 meters at a speed of 3000 km / h. The missile flies in complete radio silence, almost invisible to enemy radars. Just a few moments before the target is hit, the seeker turns on. At the same time, the missile makes maneuvers of "invulnerability" to air defense systems. The last "word" for 300 kg of a penetrating warhead.

Taking into account the simultaneous attack of several missiles, the aircraft carrier has no chances. If the main target is hit with the first missile, the rest will immediately "pounce" on the escort ships.