BAE Systems has developed a cannon with an innovative design

British military corporation BAE Systems has developed a 40-mm cannon for the Ajax armored personnel carrier with an unusual innovative design. Loading ammunition into the new cannon is carried out from the side.

A rotating breech has been developed specifically for the gun, which allows loading perpendicular to the axis of the barrel, after which the ammunition is deployed in the desired direction. This saves space for placing additional ammunition and equipment and, just as important, creates more comfort for the crew. In addition, the new setup requires fewer steps to complete the shot.

The ammunition itself is entirely in a cylindrical body, which differs from the classic "shell-shell" scheme. The innovative "packaging" allows you to increase the amount of explosive by 4 times.

If the currently existing types of ammunition are armor-piercing and training ammunition, then the new version provides ammunition for a volumetric explosion to destroy light vehicles and enemy infantry over a large area, as well as concrete-piercing shells. The first Ajax armored personnel carrier with a new 40mm cannon has already been adopted by the British Army.