British inventor develops thermite gun

British Colin Furze, famous for various eccentric inventions, posted a video with his next creation, which is not recommended to be repeated at home. This time a mad scientist built a termite cannon.

As you know, a thermite mixture consisting of aluminum powder and oxides of various metals, when ignited, heats up to 2500 degrees. During the Second World War, it was stuffed with incendiary bombs, and in the civilian sphere, it was used to weld sections of railway tracks.

Colin Furz created the grenade launcher in his home workshop literally from scratch. It consists of a trigger and a thermite cartridge. Before firing, the cartridge is ignited by a built-in blowtorch. It remains to aim and shoot.

Colin tested his weapon in a safe place in the wasteland, and for greater effect, he used a can of gasoline and an old working washing machine as targets. The young eccentric Briton expressed his delight with the result obtained very emotionally.