"GPS Bullet" will eliminate the need for a dangerous police chase

Recently, a device that fires "GPS bullets" has appeared on the front of some US patrol vehicles. A projectile fired from such a weapon sticks to the pursued vehicle and transfers its coordinates to the police. Previous tests have shown that the system is 50 percent effective in pursuing an attacker. According to the developers, in the future this figure can be increased to 75%.

Sticky projectile

The trackers or "GPS bullets" with a power source were developed by the Californian firm StarChase. Beacons are fired from a compressed air launcher. Accuracy of hitting a specific place is provided by a laser sight.

Trigger mounted behind the grille

The tagged vehicle is tracked using the Google Maps service via a secure web portal in real time. The GPS bullet system is activated by pressing a button on a special key fob. The cost of the car kit is $ 5030.