Israel has developed a six-wheeled combat drone RoBattle

The new unmanned ground vehicle is designed to perform dangerous missions that were previously intended for the infantry. The unique design of the drone allows it to overcome any urban obstacles that other robots cannot reach.

Developed by Israel's Aerospace Industries, the six-wheeled RoBattle drone will accompany the infantry in various military operations. The bot can be controlled by the operator, and also supports automatic operation at several levels of autonomy.

Fully independent suspension allows wheels on one axle to move independently of each other. The RoBattle has an all-wheel drive transmission and easily climbs a low stone wall.

In addition to outstanding off-road qualities, the drone is capable of “pouring lead” using the Pitbull Remote Weapon system. The 100-kilogram installation consists of optical sensors and a remotely controlled machine gun. Sensors allow you to determine the direction of the enemy attack and automatically open return fire.