Russian military-industrial complex has prepared a Zagon-2 bomb for enemy submarines

Zagon-2 is in all respects a "smart" Russian weapon, an extremely unpleasant "surprise" for all types of submarines of our potential adversaries. This is the name of an anti-submarine guided bomb, which in the near future will be armed with several types of aircraft and helicopter hunters for enemy submarines.

The one and a half meter "Zagon-2" can with good reason be compared with an experienced underwater hunter, who is perfectly familiar with the habits of the predators he hunts. Silently descending by parachute to the water surface, the bomb immediately proceeds to search for the enemy. Her electronic "scent" can be the envy of any marine animal.

The onboard sonar system will detect a target within a radius of 450 km and, if detected, will “reach” it even at a depth of 600 meters. Of the 120 kg total weight, almost a third falls on a high-explosive warhead capable of penetrating the hull of any submarine.

"Submarine killer" Mi-14

The Ministry of Defense plans to equip Mi-14, Ka-28 helicopters with new anti-submarine ammunition, as well as Tu-124M and Il-38 aircraft.