Testing of new generation high-precision nuclear bombs completed in the USA

The US Department of Energy announced the completion of the development and testing of the B61-12 high-precision atomic bomb. This means that a new type of guided nuclear weapons will soon be delivered to the conveyor. Their full-scale production is expected to begin in 2020.

In accordance with the program, 400 B61-12 bombs will be produced for a total of $ 11 billion. It is clear that we are talking about the most expensive and, perhaps, the most dangerous atomic bombs in the world. Despite the efforts of President Obama to reduce the US nuclear potential, the government intends to spend up to $ 1 trillion on its modernization within 30 years. dollars.

The B61-12 bomb differs from its predecessors, flying towards the target in free fall, in the presence of a special guided tail kit developed by Boeing, which will ensure it an accurate hit. It will also have an explosive force adjustment mechanism in the range of 300 to 50, 000 tons of TNT. The ammunition will be delivered by stealth fighters.