Concern "Kalashnikov" opened a store at the airport "Sheremetyevo"

The largest arms manufacturer, the Kalashnikov concern, has opened a store at Sheremetyevo International Airport. True, the shop is a souvenir shop, where natural copies of famous weapons, T-shirts, bags, pens and much more bearing the AK brand will be sold.

Among the copies of the most famous models - AK-47, AK-74 and AK-74M. In addition to the famous machines, the store plans to sell more than 200 items of products related to shooting sports, in particular, headphones and special glasses. As you know, the concern is also one of the leading manufacturers of hunting and sporting weapons.

It is difficult to call cheap natural copies of weapons. So the AK-47 will cost the buyer $ 535 (34, 500 rubles). But despite this, the marketing move of the Kalashnikov concern is estimated by experts as very promising, since up to 31 million passengers pass through the Sheremetyevo international airport annually. The main problem is that the purchase does not raise questions from customs officials.