The newest American destroyer Zumwalt cannot fire because it is too expensive

It took only three weeks for the command of the US Navy to come to a disappointing conclusion: the newly launched destroyer Zumwalt - the pinnacle of modern military technology - was essentially unarmed.

The reason is the exorbitant cost of ammunition for Lockheed Martin's LRLAP (Long Range Land-Attack Projectile) cannons, which costs $ 800, 000 each shot. By comparison, a single shot of the 45.5mm cannon, found on most American destroyers and cruisers, costs between $ 1, 600 and $ 2, 200.

Needless to say, the LRLAP cannon is undoubtedly a modern formidable weapon capable of hitting targets with high accuracy at a distance of 130 km. Initially, the military department planned to launch 32 Zumwalt-class ships and purchase the appropriate amount of ammunition. However, the project immediately ran aground, this time financially, and largely due to the astronomical cost of ammunition.

And given the fact that each destroyer will be equipped with 2 guns with 600 rounds of ammunition each, it turned out to be a very tidy sum. As a result, the original order was reduced from 32 destroyers to three. By the way, it was initially assumed that the cost of the ammunition would not exceed $ 50, 000, so it is not entirely clear why, even taking into account inflation, this figure has grown almost 12 times.

Currently, the command of the US Navy is looking for a worthy replacement of ammunition for the LRLAP. According to some experts, the most viable option is BAE Systems' GPS shell, which costs "only" $ 68, 000. However, its range is only 40 km.