"Fog-R" will make invisible fighters of the Russian special forces

The "cosmetics" of special forces fighters differs from the usual one primarily in that it should make them invisible. Recently, in addition to modern technology and weapons, camouflage pastes have been at the disposal of the Russian special forces. They, like magic fairy ointments, make people invisible, though primarily for thermal imaging sights and infrared cameras.

Of particular interest is the "Tuman-R" ointment developed by the Building Materials Scientific and Production Association, which has a whole range of special forces' merits. First, it almost completely "absorbs" (up to 95%) infrared radiation. Having applied it to open skin areas, the commando becomes practically inaccessible to infrared devices.

Secondly, "Tuman-R" is a real healing balm that can simultaneously heal wounds and drive away mosquitoes. The developers made sure that the ointment was non-toxic, did not cause irritation, allergies, retained its properties for a long time after application and was easily washed off. The set consists of three tubes of colors traditional for special forces - green, black and brown.