Pentagon: Russia has an underwater drone with a nuclear warhead

The Pentagon insists that Russia has an underwater drone capable of delivering high-yield nuclear weapons. According to the information available in the United States, the system is called "Status-6".

"Status-6" can move under water for a distance of up to 10, 000 km at a depth of up to 1000 m at a speed of over 100 km / h. American experts estimate the power of its thermonuclear charge to be about 100 megatons. For comparison, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a charge of 16 kilotons.

According to representatives of the Pentagon, "Status-6" is designed to strike coastal cities, ports, shipyards and naval bases. The detonation of the charge inflicts colossal damage, and if its capacity exceeds 100 megatons, then a gigantic tsunami will form, which will cause large-scale destruction for a long distance inland.

Possible scheme "Status-6"

According to Western media, on November 27, tests of a Russian unmanned submarine were recorded. It is assumed that the drone was tested in conjunction with the Sarov submarine. It can also become the base ship for a nuclear-armed drone.

For the first time, information about the existence of a secret project appeared back in 2015. Then Russian TV channels accidentally showed in the news footage with data on the "Status-6" system.

According to another American horror story, Russia is armed with a so-called "salt bomb" filled with the dangerous isotope Cobalt-60. When it explodes, a strong radioactive contamination occurs, which lasts for about 100 years.

However, such statements are met with some skepticism, since we are talking about weapons of gigantic destructive power, which is not so easy to create in Russia even now.