US Army armed with new pistols for the first time in 35 years

The US Army has decided to replace the outdated Beretta M9 after 35 years of successful use. The new pistol that is preparing to replace it is the P320 from the German concern Sig Sauer, originally developed for civilian use. The P320 is modular and can be easily configured for any application.

Sig Sauer presented his pistol as part of the US Army's two-year Modular Handgun System competition program with a total budget of $ 350 million. The goal of the program was to select a new army pistol, the supplier of which should get an order worth up to $ 580 million.

The P320 features interchangeable grip pads and a wide range of modules and accessories (such as removable silencers or laser sights). The pistol is available in three sizes and three calibers - 9mm, .357SIG, and .40S & W. Now the US Army has opted for the time-tested 9mm caliber.