UAVs "Orlan" increased the efficiency of self-propelled howitzers by 40%

The Akatsia self-propelled howitzer will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its impeccable service in 4 years. However, there can be no question of "resignation". The second "youth" she was provided with modern target designation based on drones "Orlan" and an updated electronic filling - the ASUNO system, equipped with artificial intelligence.

The Russian drone "Orlan", which already possesses an impressive list of all kinds of "professions", added one more - a spotter of fire. During the recent artillery firing at the Chebarkul training ground, he was entrusted with adjusting the fire of the Akatsy howitzers. The result looks impressive: the targets were hit 40% more efficiently than usual.

When adjusting the fire, the coordinates and visual information obtained with the help of the Eagles were used, and then transmitted to the calculations of self-propelled howitzers in the online mode.