Russian physicists have created a device to protect military aircraft from missiles

Russian physicists have developed a superluminal ultrawideband generator excited by ultrashort laser pulses. It will be triggered at the time of direction finding by means of detecting enemy air defense and when attacking with infrared-guided missiles.

However, its capabilities are not limited to this. With the help of unique equipment, pilots will be able to maintain communication, engage in sounding and conduct electronic warfare.

At the moment, the staff of the General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Prokhorov has already assembled a working model of the new device.

By the way, a similar system for countering anti-tank weapons based on ultraviolet photocathodes will be installed on combat vehicles of the Armata family. It reacts to the ionized air trail from the projectile's engine. After direction finding, it will be destroyed by a special projectile or heavy machine gun fire.