Russian electronic warfare systems will be replenished with flying antennas

Soon, Russia's capabilities in the field of electronic warfare will increase, thanks to special drone helicopters, which are a flying antenna. With their help, the range of electronic warfare ground stations will increase many times over.

At the moment, a prototype "flying antenna" is being finalized before the first tests. Such a machine will be able to rise to a height much greater than the length of the antennas of ground stations.

What a "flying antenna" might look like

For example, the operator of an electronic warfare station recorded the source of the radio signal. After its location and characteristics have been determined, a decision is made. There may be several of them, depending on the situation. The signal is either jammed by interference, or its source is destroyed by fire from the ground or from the air.

There is another option: the enemy's signal is blocked, and on his behalf, the EW specialists begin a radio game, transmitting the “necessary” information to the “other side”.