The DronGun Tactical drone cannon is capable of disarming any drone

Drones are rapidly conquering the airspace, performing many important functions from aerial photography and land monitoring to door-to-door delivery of goods. However, among these useful workers, there are many unauthorized drones that pose a threat, in particular, to passenger liners in the vicinity of airports, government offices and other important strategic sites.

Drones are already actively used by terrorists, smugglers and other criminal elements for their own purposes. Therefore, it is quite natural that in recent years a lot of means of countering such aircraft have been created. For example, rifles that shoot trap nets, and even trained eagles.

DronGun Tactical is a weapon developed by the Australian company DroneSheild, it is designed to create a kind of air defense zone around the protected object.

The striking elements of the DronGun Tactical are radio pulses that block the communication of the UAVs with the control center. As a result, the UAV either returns to the launch point or lands without completing the task. It is also possible to block GPS signals, after which the drone loses orientation. The device interferes with and interrupts communications in the 433 MHz, 915 MHz, and 2.4 and 5.8 GHz bands.

DronGun Tactical is very compact. Its dimensions are 104 x 41 x 12 cm with a weight of 6, 8 kg. The device is completely autonomous, which eliminates the need to carry a backpack with electronics. The "firing" range is up to 1 km. Unfortunately, in many countries, the use of such weapons is still not regulated by the relevant laws.