Landing ship with railgun on board discovered in China

On the Internet, there is an active discussion of a video clip with the participation of an old landing ship at the base of the PRC Navy in the city of Wuhan on the Yangtze River, on which, judging by the signs, there may be an electromagnetic gun - a railgun, ready for testing. Recall that we are talking about a new type of weapon, where the striking element is fired by a powerful electromagnetic field.

Footage of the Yuting I-class Heiyangshan amphibious ship, the Heiyangshan, has just appeared on social media, with an object on board that looks very much like a huge gun turret. The vessel was previously used to transport amphibious assault equipment and military cargo.

Large-caliber naval guns have long been a thing of the past. Currently, the Chinese Navy is armed with 130-mm cannons and heavy machine guns. The weapon installed on the Heiyangshan is clearly larger than these types of weapons, which has given rise to many versions among YouTube users, one of which sounds something like this: the Chinese military is preparing to test the railgun.

As you know, last year the tests (lasting 7 years) of the BAE Systems railgun intended for the US Navy were stopped. Unfortunately, despite the huge financial and material costs, its creators did not manage to achieve their goals - to shoot a 23-kg projectile at a speed of 7242 km / h at a distance of 160 km. Each shot required 25 megawatts of energy, enough to light 19, 000 homes.

The availability of a ready-to-test Chinese railgun is still a matter of speculation, which is most likely due to the secrecy of the preparatory work. Moreover, no one knows whether the Chinese engineers were able to surpass their American counterparts.

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