US government accidentally published documents on psycho-electronic weapons

The US government has a myriad of secrets, but only a true conspiracy theorist could have suggested that one of those secrets was a "psycho-electronic" weapon.

This became known from the information received by the non-profit organization MuckRock, which specializes in submitting requests to government agencies for official information on various issues with the subsequent publication of the responses received. The fact is that MuckRock - seemingly by accident - additionally received mysterious documents on mind control.

Journalist Curtis Waltman contacted the Washington State Fusion Center (WSFC), which was involved in a joint Washington-federal law enforcement operation, to obtain information on anti-fascist and racist extremist groups. He received answers to his questions, as well as a file called "EM-effects on human" with a list of documents.

Some of the images appear to be from a Nexus article covering the 1992 lawsuit brought by John St. Clair Akevi against the US National Security Agency. Akevi claimed that the NSA was involved "in the killing of US citizens and the conduct of covert psychological control operations and experiments on their mental health, " providing relevant documentary evidence.

Among the capabilities of psycho-electronic weapons indicated in the documents: remote hypnotization of the victim, forced muscle spasms, pain throughout the body, microwave burns, insomnia, spontaneous outbursts of destructive behavior, and many others.

It is clear that the federal government has carried out similar experiments, but the documents presented appear to be unofficial. Curtis Waltman still cannot understand why they were provided to him, and why the government withholds the information they contain. In turn, the WSFC does not respond to requests for additional information.