Morphing Karambit - the world's safest karambit

California knifemaker Joe Caswell has introduced the second generation of his Morphing Karambit. This is a knife from the "karambit" category with an original folding mechanism. The compression principle in the first version of the knife was replaced by a set of hinges, and it looks impressive.

Knives of a characteristic design are called karambits - the handle must be held with a reverse grip, passing the thumb or index finger into the ring-hole at the end, the blade itself is short, strongly curved and directed away from the owner. Initially, they served as an imitation of a tiger's claw, today they are popular because of their exotic shape and small size, convenient for hidden wearing. But there is a problem - a karambit with a typical folding mechanism is primarily dangerous for the fingers of the owner himself.

In the second generation Morphing Karambit, the inventor attached the blade to a hinge system. If you push your thumb against the special stop, the blade slides forward and downward, extending its full length in one motion. It takes a little longer to fold back, but it is important that with a standard grip there is no risk of contact between fingers and sharp steel.

The new design is simpler and more durable than the old one, with only five parts and a titanium belt clip. The dimensions of the blade are 6, 35 × 0, 53 cm, the weight of the knife is 170 grams. The price tag for the fundraising period through Kickstarter is $ 450, later the knife will sell for $ 650.