Israel has released a smart tank Merkava Mk 4 Barak

The Israel Defense Forces have announced the creation of a new tank with the Merkava Mk 4 Barak index. Its distinctive feature will be the presence of an intelligent on-board system that will take over part of the crew's tasks, the most routine work. AI is not allowed to independently select targets and open fire.

"The new tank allows Israel's armored forces to take a step forward in the operational arena and represents an innovative weapon that will change the face of combat on the ground, " an anonymous source quoted. Almost all information about the tank is hidden under the stamp, but it is known that the Merkava Mk 4 will be able to independently exchange data with nearby vehicles. In particular, to double-check operational information and exclude false targets.

Much of the boring work of checking onboard systems and tracking the terrain will also fall on the AI. The crew will fully focus on completing the mission, which will save up to 30% time. The commander, and then the rest of the tankers, will receive Iron View VR helmets - a virtual reality system with a 360-degree view of the terrain around the tank in real time. Yes, almost like in a computer game, experts say.

These helmets also have a second, more important purpose - they will become a key element of training. A rookie, changing a training helmet for a combat one, will feel the minimum difference and quickly get used to the situation on the battlefield in a real tank. Tests of the tank with AI and control helmets will begin in 2020, the date of adoption is still in question.