Several generations of US Army weapons systems are at risk of hacking

On Tuesday, the US Audit Office announced that the Pentagon was literally caught off guard by the sudden threat of breaking into several current generations of US military weapons. Any excuses for weakness in terms of digital security look absolutely unconvincing today, since the next world war will be digital.

The report is missing a number of important details about which systems were most vulnerable. At the same time, it is reported that small groups of hackers managed to connect to various weapon systems and take control of them within an hour. At the same time, the attackers themselves remained undetected. The situation was made possible in part due to problems associated with poor password management and unencrypted communications.

However, hearing about the information vulnerability of the US Army is somewhat strange, since we are talking about the country with the largest military budget - more than $ 670 billion, where, moreover, a large number of qualified IT specialists work, and which is the world's main software manufacturer.