EED by Liberty Dynamic is a 21st century digital grenade

Liberty Dynamic's new Enhanced Diversionary is a complete redesign of the traditional computer-controlled noise grenade that is more efficient and safer.

Flashbang grenades became popular in the 1970s due to the sharp increase in international terrorism. The explosion of such a grenade imitated the noise effect and flash typical of a conventional grenade, confusing the attackers. As a rule, a few moments were enough for the special forces to neutralize the stunned and disoriented terrorists and free the hostages.

The Enhanced Diversionary blasts outward and ignites a cloud of combustible aluminum. The result is an effect somewhat reminiscent of the detonation of a volumetric ammunition. Ignited aluminum creates a powerful noise effect of 184 decibels and a flash of 9 million candelas.

The device is safer since the components of the explosive mixture are stored in two separate compartments. Undermining occurs at the time of their connection. And due to its rectangular shape, the grenade after throwing will not roll away from the target, as is often the case with cylindrical grenades.

The Enhanced Diversionary is powered in several ways. One of them is by setting a timer, the other is from a computer. And, finally, if the grenade for some reason does not work, it will automatically turn off after 60 seconds.