UK to expand arsenals of laser and radio frequency energy weapons

The British Department of Defense has ordered three working prototypes of laser and radio frequency weapons for their needs. The project for its evaluation and testing is estimated at 130 million pounds. The field trials, which will take place on ships of the Royal Navy and vehicles of the British army, are scheduled to begin in 2023.

With the ability to hit targets at the speed of light at a price of $ 1 per "shot", lasers and other "related" types of weapons are the most promising non-nuclear weapons. In 2017, the DoD allocated £ 30 million to the British Dragonfire consortium to create a prototype operational laser directed energy weapon (LDEW), which is scheduled to be tested this year. Later, three more demonstration projects were presented.

In addition to lasers, the British army should receive radio frequency weapons that can disrupt electronics and disable computers. According to representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Great Britain has been working in this direction for more than 30 years and is one of the world leaders.

The prototypes are designed to operate on the energy produced by the vehicle generators, which gives them ample opportunities in combat conditions. If laboratory tests are successful, they will continue in 2023 already on Navy ships and army vehicles. The Dragonfire and LDEW lasers are expected to be operational within 10 years.