Israel unveils "tank of the future" with an Xbox controller

The Carmel remote-controlled combat vehicle development program was launched in Israel three years ago, and last Sunday the press showed working prototypes. The first impression immediately gives rise to associations with computer games, as the operator controls heavy armored vehicles through a console with a joystick very reminiscent of an Xbox controller.

Three companies are engaged in the development of Carmel armored cars on a competitive basis: Elbit, Rafael and Israel Aerospace Industries. General requirements are based on maximum safety for the crew of the car, which was interpreted by all designers in their own way. Whereas Elbit simply replaced all surveillance devices with external cameras with displaying images on the visors of their helmets, Israel Aerospace Industries has developed an advanced "panoramic interface".

Panoramic interface

Only a prototype from Israel Aerospace Industries has a game joystick for controlling the tank. And it really does not differ much from a gaming device - moreover, the Israeli military department is not at all opposed to the use of such systems in combat vehicles. The reasons are similar to the argumentation from the US Navy - a modern soldier from childhood is accustomed not to levers, but to electronic gadgets. Therefore, it interacts faster and better with similar control systems, be it a tank or an entire submarine.