Police test BolaWrap, a rope-firing weapon

According to Reuters, 49 people were killed by tasers in the United States last year. They are often used in conjunction with pepper spray and other non-lethal agents to apprehend criminals. However, the number of deaths caused by them makes the police in many countries look for an alternative to tasers.

BolaWrap is a device developed by Wrap Industries that is slightly larger than a mobile phone and fits easily on a police officer's belt. When activated, it shoots a cable 2.5 meters long at a speed of 200 m / s, which entangles the intruder's body and prevents his escape.

There are jagged balls at both ends of the cable, so minor scratches or bruises and abrasions from a fall may be the only injury. The device is effective at a distance of up to 8 meters.

BolaWrap has already been tested by dozens of police departments in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.