US Air Force has developed an effective microwave weapon to combat drones

The recent attack on the oil production infrastructure of Saudi Arabia once again confirmed the indisputable fact - drones have become a massive weapon that poses a serious threat.

The Pentagon has just notified the US Congress of the acquisition of the PHASER microwave weapon system to destroy enemy drones with powerful high-frequency pulses. The transaction price is $ 16.28 million. The deployment of the system in various regions of the world is expected to be completed in December 2020. Objects in Saudi Arabia will be among the first under his protection.

The system uses microwaves to disable Class I and II drones weighing less than 30 kg, flying at an altitude of 360 to 1000 meters at a speed of 185 to 370 km / h.

US military experts estimate that about 20 UAVs and cruise missiles were involved in the recent attack on Saudi Arabia. Perhaps some of the drones were too small for microwave weapons to disarm. Also, it is still powerless against cruise missiles.

Microwave weapons are just one of the lines of defense against UAVs. Raytheon and other defense companies are developing kamikaze drones, laser systems and even special capture nets for this purpose. The use of directed energy can finally put a victory point in this confrontation.

PHASER is a powerful microwave cannon that “shoots” directional radio pulses. It incapacitates the drone not due to strong heating, but due to the disruption of the operation of its electronics with a powerful energy impulse. If the laser takes some time to burn a hole in its target, then the annihilating radio pulses last no more than one microsecond.