China has developed a non-lethal acoustic pistol for arming the police

The only currently available photo of an acoustic pistol

Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a portable sonic pistol for riot police.

A shot from such a pistol is a focused wave of sound that painfully affects the eardrums, eyes, and brain.

Project lead researcher Xie Xiujuan explained that the sonic pistol is charged with an inert gas. When it heats up, its particles vibrate and the device emits a deep, monotonous sound. During the trials, volunteers reported that they experienced "extreme discomfort" after being fired.

New samples of sound weapons differ from the previous ones in their compactness, which allows them to arm a large number of police officers. With this in mind, China has already approved the design of a new type of non-lethal weapon, which will soon be launched into mass production.