American commandos received a new heavy helicopter MH-47G Block II

The US Special Operations Command has adopted the first of a series of new MH-47G Block II heavy amphibious assault helicopters. It is a deep modernization of the outdated workhorse of the American commandos - CH-47 Chinook, created during the Vietnam War.

The developer and manufacturer of the new helicopter is Boeing. In total, the Pentagon has ordered 23 vehicles worth $ 25 million each.

The MH-47G is a large transport helicopter for use in special operations. It is capable of developing a cruising speed of up to 315 km / h and carrying up to 30 commandos, as well as transporting various weapons, light vehicles and field artillery.

Boeing specialists have significantly modified the helicopter to carry out difficult missions in extreme conditions. For example, it was equipped with a special device for refueling in the air, which made its flight range almost unlimited.

The helicopter is equipped with advanced digital avionics, a rescue lift, multi-mode radar for flights at low altitudes and in bad weather, and electronic countermeasures. He will be able to support the landing operations with the fire of two 7, 62 mm machine guns and an M60D medium machine gun.

New to Block II are an improved transmission, improved larger fuel tanks, a reinforced fuselage and more modern rotor blades. All this increases its carrying capacity up to almost 10 tons.