Japan will have its own fighter jet with virtual reality system

In Japan, plans have been unveiled to create, together with Lockheed Martin, a new generation multi-role fighter designed to gain air supremacy and to combat ground targets.

Its creation will use the most advanced technologies, including augmented reality helmet and microwave weapons, which are not even found on modern American fighters.

According to Forbes, the prototype of the fighter will be ready by 2024, its maiden flight will take place in 2028, and mass production will begin in 2031. The program is designed to produce 90 fighters and will cost Japan $ 48 billion.

The fighter (variously known as the F-X or F-3) will replace the outdated F-2, a larger and more expensive version of the F-16, also co-developed with Lockheed Martin.

In addition to the VR helmet, the Japanese fighter will have a remote control function and a radar in the nose, which acts as a microwave weapon to destroy enemy air-to-air missiles.

The fighter will be able to exchange information with air and ground groups in Japan and the United States using the secure Link 16 data transmission system. It provides a spacious internal compartment that will house six types of weapons, which exceeds the capabilities of the F-22 and F-35.

Below is a video of an existing Japanese X-2 Shinshin fighter jet.