Wearable electric motors can take extreme sports to the next level

Fans of speed and extreme sports, know that your time has come. Whether your hobby is skateboarding, skiing, or snowboarding, there is now an invention that will allow you to move faster than ever. Dreamscience's Thrusters, in the form of four small but powerful electric motors, will give you extra extra acceleration.

Powered by a wearable battery, the four electric jet engines are already being tested by paragliders, skaters, skiers and other athletes. Snowboarder Jamie Barrow managed to reach a top speed of 80 km / h when he tested the Thrusters prototype on a frozen lake in Switzerland. According to him, the unique "propulsion device" allows you to accelerate on a flat surface as if you were driving down a slope.

The device is still under development. The latest version can provide 60 kg of thrust at maximum acceleration and about 40 kg in normal mode. The battery lasts for 15 minutes of device operation.

In the field of extreme sports, the possibilities of the invention are quite extensive. If Thrusters can be brought to mind, new subspecies of extreme entertainment may well arise, such as high-speed snowboarding with electric propulsion.