All-terrain vehicle "Ruslan" will strengthen the Russian military Arctic group

In the Russian Arctic grouping, the newcomer is the Ruslan all-terrain vehicle with a unique cross-country ability. His duties are to assist the ground forces in the transfer of personnel. In fact, the Ruslan or TTM-4902 is a civilian vehicle designed to operate in the extreme conditions of the Far North and the Arctic.

The device is manufactured at the Nizhny Novgorod plant of transport and technological machines. It owes its incredible cross-country ability to a powerful KAMAZ 300-horsepower diesel engine and wide tracks, with the help of which it is able to overcome deep snow, swamps and off-road terrain. The maximum speed is about 50 km / h.

"Ruslan" is a spacious two-link caterpillar train. The leading section, which is a tractor, can accommodate 6 people with two folding beds. The "passenger section" will accommodate another 16 people with six bunks.

By order of the command of the Ground Forces, the residents of Nizhny Novgorod specially reinforced the Ruslan with armor in case of shelling.