Cycling participant disqualified for using hidden electric motor

The Belgian cyclist competing in the world cyclocross championship has been disqualified for "technological fraud". The trick was an electric motor hidden in the bike frame.

19-year-old cyclist Femke Von den Driesche suffered a mechanical breakdown on her bike, which forced her to push the bike for the remainder of the final lap. After the end of the race, representatives of the International Cycling Union (UCI) examined the bike and found electrical wires running inside the frame. As it turned out, the engine hidden inside was jammed, which was the reason for the breakdown.

The UCI has long guessed about the use of this type of fraud, which can be called "bicycle" or "mechanical doping". However, it was the first time to catch the cyclist by surprise.

The cyclist herself denies everything, referring to the fact that the motorized bike is very similar to her own, but belongs to another person, and was given to her by a mechanic by mistake.