A fire extinguisher was created that extinguishes the flame by self-exploding

Traditional fire extinguishers (for all their usefulness) have their drawbacks. They are large, heavy, and somewhat intimidating. In addition, in order to use them correctly, certain skills are required. Fire extinguisher Elide Fire Ball is devoid of these disadvantages. Just throw him into the fire, he will do the rest.

The fire extinguisher is made in the form of a ball, the size of a soccer ball. There is a flame-extinguishing mixture inside it. To extinguish a small fire, it is enough to throw a fire extinguisher there. On contact with a flame, it explodes, as a result of which the ignition is completely neutralized by a cloud of mixture.

You can simply hang Elide over a fire hazardous area.

However, the creators of Elide Fire Ball warn that using it when igniting a stove or curtain will be a real nightmare for those who decide to do so. In this case, it is better to trust a traditional fire extinguisher.