The athlete has developed a jet flying board Flyboard Air

Introduced by Frank Zapata in 2011, the "water board" has already become a fashionable extreme entertainment that allows you to experience the sensations of flying over water. Five years later, the former jet ski racer unveiled a new invention - the jet flying board.

Zapata called his analogue of the jetpack the Flyboard Air. Compared to the previous invention, the device does not require any underwater parts and allows the rider to fly completely freely wherever he pleases. The flying board is powered by a turbojet engine and, in theory, can lift you up to 3000 meters. The maximum flight time is 10 minutes.

This weekend, Frankie Zapata posted a video of the first Flyboard Air test. The athlete personally tested the jet board by climbing to a height of 30 meters and flying around the lake. The tests were carried out over water, because even a minor malfunction in the engine would have caused the extreme to fall like a stone to the ground. A backpack with fuel hanging over his shoulders would only exacerbate the situation. By the way, a parachute at such a height is useless - it simply will not have time to open.

Safety issues aside, Flyboard Air is impressive and could be a new direction for personal flying, competing with jetpacks and hoverboards.