The longest and deepest railway tunnel in the world opened in the Alps

The Gotthard Tunnel in the Swiss Alps, having barely "appeared" in the world, has already become a world record holder in several categories at once. Its construction lasted 17 years, the length was 57 km, and the depth, taking into account the height of the Alps, in some places reaches 2300 meters.

It significantly surpassed its "senior" competitors - the Japanese Seikan tunnel and the Channel Tunnel and became the ninth in the list of giant tunnels. Do not forget that two "pipes" were laid, and this actually means doubling the length of the tunnel to a total of 152 kilometers.

The idea of ​​laying the tunnel appeared 68 years ago, but for various reasons it was only realized now. At the height of construction, 2, 400 people worked here.

The builders had to deal with different types of rocks, in particular with granite and sedimentary rocks. About 80% of the work was carried out using special tunnel boring machines and 20% by explosion. In total, over 17 years, about 30 million tons of soil were dredged to the surface, 131, 000 cubic meters were laid. meters of concrete and 338, 000 sleepers.

325 passenger and freight trains will pass through the tunnel daily at a speed of 200 to 260 km / h.