World's largest wind turbine nears completion in Denmark

The Adven AD8-180 is the name of the world's largest wind turbine, which is being completed by the Danish company LM. The length of each of its blades is 88.4 meters, and the mast, on which they will be fixed, has a height of 90 meters. The diameter of the assembled blades will be 180 meters, which is one third larger than the famous London Eye Ferris wheel.

One such generator with a capacity of 8 MW will be able to provide electricity to a settlement of 10, 000 houses. The first prototype is slated to be installed in Birmingham by the end of the year. Then, on the basis of these giant wind turbines in France, three wind farms with a capacity of 500 MW each will be set up.

When creating giant blades, the company's engineers had to pay great attention (in addition to aerodynamics) to safety issues, taking into account, first of all, the factors associated with possible dangerous "surprises" of nature, in particular, with lightning strikes.

Nevertheless, the main task facing the creators of the Adven AD8-180 was to find the optimal balance between aerodynamic characteristics and the cost of the blades, thanks to which it would be possible to generate additionally up to 1% of energy every year.

So that the blades can successfully withstand dust particles and rain, they are covered with a special coating. The turbines will operate with air flow from the leeward side. In this case, the blades will adjust to the wind instead of resisting it.

This will be possible due to the fact that each blade will consist of several segments. This concept will ensure optimal operation of the wind turbine even in low wind conditions.