China unveils largest amphibious aircraft

China for the first time presented to the general public the secret AG600 amphibious aircraft, which is currently the largest in its class. It is designed to extinguish forest fires, save people and perform various tasks in coastal waters.

The dimensions of the AG600 are commensurate with the Boeing 737. Its length is 37 m, the wingspan is 38.5 m. It can take off and land on standard airfields and water surfaces. To do this, a "platform" of 1500 x 200 x 2.5 m (length, width, depth) is enough for him.

The takeoff weight of the amphibious aircraft is 53.5 tons, the maximum speed is 500 km / h, and the flight range is 4500 km. Continuous flight time - 12 hours. The vehicle can take on board up to 50 people, monitor the environment and conduct exploration of marine resources. While extinguishing a fire, when landing on water, it pumps up to 11 tons of water on board.

According to the representative of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), the manufacturer of AG600, the machine will be supplied mainly to the domestic market, since no foreign orders have been received for it yet.