Unusual catamaran yacht SS-18 is able to "fly" over water

The yacht SS-18, which took 8 years to develop, has an unusual, almost fantastic appearance. Thanks to the catamaran shape of the hull and the cockpit raised above the water, it strikingly stands out among other ships, both in appearance and in the developed speed.

Two parallel hulls, connected by a high deck, are harmoniously combined with the Stability Control System (SCS) and powertrain configuration, resulting in a unique gliding movement on the water surface in the style of a catamaran. The draft of the vessel is only 400 mm. Unlike conventional speedboats, which jump from wave to wave while moving, the 18-meter SS-18 glides smoothly above the water above the waves and does not lose speed.

The SS-18 is powered by 4 independent jet drives located in the center of the vessel. Each is powered by a separate 270-horsepower supercharged engine. The result is a total of 1080 hp. capable of accelerating the yacht to 103 km / h.

For example, a yacht will cover the distance between Saint-Tropez and Monaco in just an hour. The steering also has a number of features, somewhat reminiscent of Russian fighters with a controlled thrust vector. The absence of traditional steering elements minimizes water resistance.

On the deck, behind the captain's chair, there are 4 seats for passengers. The on-board equipment consists of a Garmin instrument panel under black glass with two touchscreens. The cost of the SS-18 can reach $ 1.3 million. The first 7 buyers have already been trained and are preparing for their maiden voyage.