Polini E-P3 bike motor makes life easier for mountain and road bike owners

Bicycle motors and energy sources are getting smaller and lighter - cyclists get the chance to climb any climb without even breaking a sweat. The Polini E-P3 power plant literally helps a person pedal at a difficult moment and turns off when the bike accelerates to a certain speed.

The power of the E-P3 bike motor is 250 W, it produces a considerable 70 Nm of torque, but these figures are not absolute. The rider can switch between different modes for traction, speed, battery saving or personal comfort. For example, "pedestrian style" - the motor moves the bike at a speed of 6 km / h without pedaling at all.

The Polini E-P3 powerplant weighs only 2.85 kg, looks like a native, integral part of the pedal mechanism design, and the battery container is neatly integrated into the bike frame. No bulky, foreign "build-up" - it even comes with standard water bottle fasteners. Battery capacity ranges from 400 to 500 Wh.

Polini plans to release four models of the E-P3: a hardtail, a road bike, a dual-suspension mountain bike and a multipurpose version. The modest dimensions of the motor make it possible to use it together with short chain stays. It adapts to the parameters of the pedal drive and can be used with different wheel sizes.