China starts developing portable nuclear reactors

According to informed sources, China has begun developing mobile nuclear reactors that will be used as autonomous power plants to provide remote military bases.

The reactor will be located inside a standard shipping container measuring 6, 1 x 2, 6 meters. Its capacity will be 10 megawatts, which is enough to power 50, 000 households. The installation will be able to operate for several decades without refueling.

The design of the mini-reactors resembles the 155-megawatt nuclear reactors of the Soviet nuclear submarines OK-550 and BM-40A using highly enriched uranium, which used liquid lead for cooling and safety.

The developed nationwide power grid reliably provides electricity to most parts of China, so compact nuclear reactors are ideal mainly for military bases located on islands remote from the mainland. They will have a high level of reliability and safety.

Chinese military base on an artificial island in the South China Sea

The only cause of the accident with grave consequences may be perhaps the gigantic tsunami that caused the disaster at the Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima.