The electric cart will allow workers to playfully roll the 20-ton semi-trailers

Heavy truck drivers know very well how difficult it can be to turn around on a small patch near the terminal. Verhagen Leiden came up with a solution to this problem with the Trailer Mover XXL electric tow truck.

Now it is enough effort of one worker, driving the cart, to move from place to place a huge loaded 20-ton semi-trailer. This is made possible by the Trailer Mover XXL's enviable 3500 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, the V-move system with a 4-kilowatt AC engine and a powerful 245 amp-hour battery, which ensures long-term operation without recharging.

In addition, the towing cart has a solid set of safety features, including its own brakes, anti-rollover device and an additional air compressor that allows the operator to control the braking system of the semi-trailer. Another important advantage is that it does not require a special license to work on it.