The drone on fuel cells will be able to fly up to 10 hours without refueling

Horizon Energy Systems has unveiled the Hywings fuel system, which provides a 10-hour drone flight without refueling. The system is designed for hydrogen fuel in a pressurized cylinder or produced by a special chemical cartridge.

The Experimental Fuel Drone is a remotely controlled 7kg fixed-wing drone made of carbon fiber. In the air, it can fly at a cruising speed of 55 km / h, make 500-kilometer flights, while withstanding gusts of wind up to 30 km / h.

The payload of the drone is a Hitachi HD video camera (60 frames per second at 1080p), a FLIR thermal imaging camera and a Micasense Sequoia multispectral farmland camera.

The Hywings system exists only in the form of a prototype and nothing is known about serial production.