Boeing 787 needs a complete system reboot every 22 days

The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States has published a new rule for pilots of the Boeing 787 passenger airliner - they are ordered to regularly press the reset button onboard systems. Otherwise, a critical error can lead to the fact that the giant plane will completely lose control right in flight.

Boeing officials admit the problem and are reluctant to provide a reliable solution prior to Q2 2017. Therefore, the Dreamliner service personnel need to learn the rule: onboard systems need a forced reboot. And the more often the better.

We are talking about three key modules that “get tired” during continuous operation, as a result of which they reboot themselves according to the algorithm. This happens on average every 22 days, and if all three are rebooted at the same time, the plane will remain uncontrolled. It will simply stop responding to the actions of the pilots for a short period of time, but in the air this situation is deadly.

Therefore, pilots are explicitly instructed to reload equipment in advance, in a safe environment. The situation is both annoying and quite threatening, because this is not an isolated incident in the US aviation. Earlier, pilots of F-35 fighters faced a similar problem - the radar software could fail for no reason. And before its reboot, the combat vehicle turned into a simple glider with a motor.