A feathered drone that flies like a bird took to the sky

It's no secret that a huge number of modern technologies and inventions have been borrowed from nature by their creators. Well-known are the drawings of flying winged machines, on the creation of which Leonardo da Vinci himself worked.

The team of the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (Switzerland) was also inspired by nature, or rather, birds, when creating a feathered drone. They can change the configuration of the wings by controlling the muscles, thus controlling the flight.

According to one of the developers of the unusual drone Matteo di Luca, feathers may well become part of a drone flying in urban environments. Such an aerodynamic design assumes the presence of an additional servo motor, with the help of which the configuration of the feathers is changed.

The drone is controlled remotely and is equipped with an electronic board that records commands to the main motor and servomotors, as well as the location according to GPS readings. There are a total of 8 artificial feathers on the wings. The wings are equipped with movable parts located along the edges, which act like a bird's feathers. The fenders are made of composite materials, which gives them strength and reduces weight.

The main advantage of a feathered drone is its quick response to changes in the environment. For example, it copes well with flying in the city, where, as a rule, there are many different air eddies and conditions that require increased maneuverability.